Keep your phone in your pocket

See who is calling, never miss a call again
Read incoming messages with speed; through the power of Spritz
Respond to messages quickly by the press of a button e.g. I'm driving now, will call you back shortly

Save time

Find your phone by pressing a button
Filter unwanted calls quickly, and add to SPAM list

Control your Smart TV or Computer

Use as an air mouse for your computer e.g. click to advance slides
Use as a controller for your smart TV e.g. pause, play media


Size: 35mm (length), 10mm (height), strap width 16-22mm
Bluetooth Smart/4.0 Connects to your iOS or Android Device
Glance comes with a premium leather band, if you do not have a watch to wear it with
Sensors: 3D Motion Sensor (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnemomter, barometer)
OLED Screen
Water Resistant
Slides onto your metallic or leather watch strap
Lithium polymer battery, 1-week battery life
Haptic feedback


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Can Glance display my language properly?

What happens to Glance if it is not connected to my phone?

How far away can my Glance be from my phone?

If I have a metal allergy; what is the backing made of?

How does the Glance motion recognition work?

What does it work with?

Are gestures for Glance pre-set or customizable?

What about accidental input?

How will Glance be charged?

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